Tungsten Wire

 Tungsten wire named doped tungsten Wire, also known as wolfram wire or non-sag tungsten wire. The tungsten wire normally has two different surfaces as black surface and cleaned surface.  It is the forging of tungsten bar, and made of fine wire drawing, mainly used in incandescent, halogen and other electric light sources. For a variety of light bulb for the tungsten wire, also need to mix a small amount of potassium, silicon and aluminum oxides.  The main application is to create the filament and high-speed cutting steel, also used in optical instruments, chemical apparatus and so on.

we can offer spool and straight type, whose diameters are all above 0.05 mm. Covered with graphite, tungsten wires are regularly black. However, if graphite surface being removed, they appear with metallic luster. According to various impurity contents, tungsten wires can be subdivided into WAL1, WAL2, W1 and W2 designations.

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